Preserving Your Treasured Memories 

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Let us do the work, you enjoy the results!
Call us: 586-718-4804
All work is done on site.  If we can't do it here, we don't do it. 
 Nothing is 'sent-out'.
Preserve your Captured Moments into treasured memories to last a lifetime
Do you have old photos, movies, slides or negatives you'd like to have converted to digital? Maybe you're not sure how to do this or just don't have the time.

Let us do the work for you! We can convert them and put them on DVD disc, or Flash Drive. Photos, slides and negatives are scanned and color corrected automatically. The end result is fantastic! While other companies may send your precious collection to sites out of state or even out of country! We do all work on site here. Period.

Photos are scanned at 600 dpi.-standard -no extra charge. -Other companies use 300 dpi as their standard pricing and then charge even more for 600 dpi. The results of 300 dpi for your precious memories are just not acceptable to us.

Once your media is converted, digital files can be shared with your family and friends, posted on social sites, add them to your current digital collection. Saved digitally for generations and generations!